Sunday, October 14, 2012

Community Helpers Unit

Mr. Armor with the Trinity Police came to talk to us about how police officers help us. 
Trinity Fire Department taught us about fire safety!  We got to use the water hose!  COOL!

We were chef's and cooked yummy cookies!

We learned how doctors keep us well!  Thanks to Huntsville Hospital, we all got hats, masks and syringes to take home. 
Mr. Shelton and Mr. Swoops with the Decatur K Unit came to visit.  We were amazed at what good listeners the dogs were!  The kids loved seeing how well trained the dogs were. 
Thank you to Mrs. Armor with Morgan County 911 for coming and talking to us about real emergencies! 

We ended our Community Helpers Unit with a...
When I Grow Up Day!

Doctor and Fighter Pilot

Doctors and Surgeons

Rock Star

Police Officers


Football Player

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